Sunday, June 19, 2011

easy way to apply eyeliner

hallo, indri's here
assalamualaikum :)

i have a problem with applying eyeliner, sometimes it looks messy or have no time to apply it perfectly..
but, lucky me, i got a trick to solve it from Michelle Phan, she is my makeup guru :)

all you need, matte black eyeshadow, small angle brushes, lash curler, mascara, scotch tape, and scissors

first, cut scotch tape and stick it on your hand to reduce excess glue, then peel it
place this on the outer corner of your eyes

apply matte black eyeshadow right along the tape, the tape is your border

peel off the tape when you're ready
then, curl your lashes and apply mascara

now, you have perfect wings on your eyes :)

good luck

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  1. mashaAllah.. u re really help me out sis
    thanks for the tips ^,^