Thursday, August 25, 2011

make your lashes look fuller

hallo everyone, assalamualaikum
long time no post, and today is August 25, 2011, means that Eid only days away, yeeaayy :)
have you bought "baju lebaran"? hehee

now i want to show you, how to make your lashes look fuller without fake lashes
perfect for Eid day, so simple and natural

first, apply natural eyeshadow on your lids, *this time i used this color from wardah cosmetic

then apply black eyeshadow on your outer corner of your eyes
try to make "cat eye" look, it will make your lashes look longer

after that, curl your lashes and apply mascara

now, do you see the difference?
your lashes should look fuller and natural

good luck ~ ♥

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  1. nice tips!! thx dear...