Sunday, August 28, 2011

square hijab tutorial #4: mix turban

assalamualaikum :)
again, hijab tutoriaall!! :D hehee
i'm so excited when i found new look of square hijab, and i want to share it with you all, girls :)
so easy, so elegant, yet so cute :)

this look is the same as my first "square hijab tutorial", but in the end, you will need your favorite scarf

let's begin
first wear your inner and your square hijab *fold into a triangle shape

pull one side to the back of your neck

pin both side, and pull up to cover your neck *make sure it's covered tightly if you don't wear a ninja

and last, take your favorite scarf, fold it up to look like this

wear the scarf in the back of your head, pull it to the front, and turn the scarf

tie and set the scarf, after that pull your hijab to the right side

now you have your "hair" and the scarf as your turban

good luck ~ ♥

*ps: sorry for the blurness, i used timer for my camera :(

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