Monday, November 14, 2011

people i adore ♥ (the elles)

hi all, happy Monday (i hate monday :p)

i am sure, that you must have someone or a group of people that you admire much and they're the inspiration in your life.
you started to look like them, follow what they do, and certainly, want to be like them

it's normal :) so do i
now i want to share to you guys, the people i most admire, who became an inspiration in my life.

first of all, let me introduce my first favorite youtube artist,

MICHELLE PHAN!!! as known as RiceBunny :)
the first time i knew her, when i was looking for natural make up tutorial on youtube two years ago, and this is the first video that i found (and also her first video)
and this is my favorite video :)
she is a beauty vlogger, make up guru, and also my inspiration
i learned much about make up from her :)
this is her youtube channel, twitter, website, and her fan page

second, michelle's friend, CHRISELLE LIM :) 
she is my fashion therapist, she has a good taste in fashion, she so adorable :)
and this is her first video
don't forget to check out her website, youtube channel, twitter, and her fan page

i love them much, i like when they both make tutorial together :)

and how about you, who's your inspiration? :)

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